1. DNA testing is the most accurate and reliable means of identity verification available for parentage testing.
  2. A paternity or maternity test can prove with 100% certainty that an individual IS NOT the biological parent of a child.
  3. No test available can prove with 100% certainty that a man or woman IS the biological parent of a child. There are over 30,000 genes in human DNA. DNA testing can provide a 99.9% probability of paternity/maternity (depending on the type of samples used). DNA testing typically proves paternity with at least 99.9% certainty, well in excess of the 99% requirement of most U.S. courts.
  4. All of the testing is performed by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the standards set forth by the Parentage Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks. The AABB inspects and accredits paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and agreed upon by the Parentage Committee.
  5. There is no difference in the testing accuracy between a DNA blood test and our home DNA test kits.


Power of Paternity Guarantee

There is no better guarantee in the industry for $280!

See accuracy information above

Due to the power of our tests and the laboratory capability, we offer a money back guarantee if the alleged father’s race is Asian, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, or Japanese and the paternity index is less than the following:

Paternity Trio (mother, child, and an alleged father) or Maternity Trio.

We guarantee that  you will receive a 99.9% or greater probability

Motherless paternity test (alleged father and child)
Fatherless maternity test (alleged mother and child)

We guarantee that  you will receive a 99.0% or greater probability


Although unlikely, the following conditions could cause the guarantee of paternity to be less than the percentage listed above.  The guarantee does not apply to these situations:

  1. Mixed or unlisted race of the alleged father (forces laboratory to use standard paternity tables instead of specific race tables).
  2. The actual father is related to the alleged father.  If the alleged fathers of a child are related (i.e. brother, uncle, father/son), then this information must be disclosed at the time of ordering. All related fathers should be tested simultaneously.

Money back policy

  1. You must qualify based upon the conditions listed above.
  2. You will receive a 100% refund including shipping/handling and any paid sales tax.
  3. Your refund will be paid within 10 days of receiving your request for refund.
  4. Call 888-875-7574 or e-mail [email protected] with your refund request.