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Response time

bullet Testing will take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Order Information


Acceptable methods of payment

bullet Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
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Methods of Ordering – (help us keep our costs down by ordering online)

bullet Online – Preferred (order below)


bullet By Phone (817) 283-6379  or toll free (888) 875-7574


bullet By Mail:
1201 W. Airport Fwy., STE 251
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You can also mail to DNA Testing Centre ( is used for customer confidentiality.



Ordering and Shipping Information


bullet The cost includes testing an area of approximately 1 inch in diameter.  Increase the quantity of your order for multiple areas or pieces of clothing tested.  Circle each area to be tested with masking take.


bullet Shipping charges do not apply unless we mail you a swab kit to do a comparison test.


bullet We will send you instructions for mailing your samples to the lab.


bullet You must include a serial number (that we provide) attached to your article before sending it to the lab.


Important information about these studies

bullet The results of these studies are not admissible in a court of law due to the absence of the chain of custody.  The chain of custody refers to the various chain of « hands » that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a neutral third party at a lab or hospital facility where all parties are photographed to verify their identity, and specific handling instructions are met.  


bullet This test is a destructive test, as there will be small holes made in the article where the sperm is extracted.


bullet Sample Collection Procedure

bullet It is very important not to store the sample in a plastic bag.  
bullet Allow the sample to dry naturally.  
bullet If you will not be sending the sample for a few weeks, please freeze it,  but allow it to thoroughly dry after thawing and before mailing it to the laboratory.  
bullet Always mail the sample in a paper envelope.


bullet If the stain to be tested is not obvious or contained within a small area, circle the specimen in question with a marker or tape to ensure the lab knows what you want tested.


bullet Please read this Disclaimer


Types of Tests

Semen/Sperm Detection

Order the sperm detection study below if you would like to determine if a stain or fluid is semen/sperm.

This test, usually done on underwear, sheets, pillow cases, and cushion covers, determines if a stain or fluid is actually sperm.  The lab will accept most samples.  Please email [email protected] if you have any doubt about the acceptability of your sample.


Type Samples Price Order
Semen/Sperm detection One sample, area circled $165.00

Semen/Sperm detection, article returned One sample, area circled $175.00


Sperm Comparison

Order the sperm comparison if you would like to know if there is more than one person’s DNA on the sample area.

Type Samples Price Order
Sperm comparison cost for each area circled $700.00

Sperm comparison, article returned One sample, area circled $710.00

Sperm Determination

Order the sperm determination if you would like to know if the sperm on an article matches a DNA buccal swab sample you provide.

$15.00 shipping charge applies (we mail you a swab kit for a comparison sample).

Type Samples Price Order
Sperm determination cost for each area circled $580.00

Sperm determination, article returned One sample, area circled $590.00