Court Admissible DNA Testing by the Dallas – Fort Worth Mall

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Court Admissible DNA Test Information

Please fill out this online form and a case manager will contact you to discuss and setup your formal court admissible testing or order online below.
A court admissible test costs $450 + $25 per person collection fee.
Please call toll free 888 875-7574 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Always include the mother in the test if possible.

Type of Court Admissible Test Samples Price Order
Paternity Trio Mother, Child, Alleged Father $450.00

Motherless Paternity Child, Alleged Father Only $450.00

Add to Paternity Case Extra Child $150.00

Add to Paternity Case Extra Father $150.00

Collection Fees – REQUIRED Collection Fees Per Participant $25.00