Additional DNA Statements

D-FWMall.com purchases the kit and laboratory fees in advance.  All kits are in stock and shipped from D-FWMall.com the same day of the order Monday -Friday (if ordered before 4:00pm CST).  Once purchased, each kit becomes serialized to that customer.  If a kit is purchased, then returned, it cannot be reused due to the nature of the test because we could not guarantee that the kit had not been tampered with.  Our policies are to insure that you receive exactly what you order, with low risk of potential DNA extraction failure, at the lowest cost.  In order to accomplish this task no returns are allowed unless a kit is lost (by FedEx in route to you) or destroyed in which you will receive a duplicate kit upon returning the damaged kit.

These three statements we boldly make and stand behind.

  1. There has never been a kit sold by us resulting in a case where DNA extraction was a failure.  This means that if you follow the instructions on the kit the lab will provide you with the results.
  2. We have never received a complaint nor had a complaint filed on our company for any reason whatsoever.

All test are accomplished by one of our laboratories which is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB inspects and accredits paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and agreed upon by the Parentage Committee.  This company is known as one of the most accurate DNA labs in the country.

Our company is:

DNA Testing Centre, Inc
dba D-FWmall.com
1201 W. Airport Fwy. STE 251
Euless, TX 76040