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We accept Visa, MasterCardDiscoverMoney Orders and Cashiers Checks for same day shipping.  We do not take personal checks due to the time necessary for the check to clear (10 days) and the tracking effort.  This is to keep this cost down.  If you wish to send a money order or cashiers check please follow these instructions (click here).

DNA Testing Centre, Inc., DBA D-FWmall.com has sold thousands of DNA test kits worldwide.
We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating

All testing is performed by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the standards set forth by
the Parentage Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB
inspects and accredits paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and
agreed upon by the Parentage Committee.

Click AABB logo for file list of accredited labs (requires adobe acrobat)

Response time

bullet The typical response time for the lab to complete the results is 7 business days from the day the lab receives your samples.  Results can be delayed for many reasons.  Please see this link for delay explanations.  Please see this link to request the status of your test.

bulletFor paternity tests, it is better to include a sample from the mother when possible.  This normally results in a faster response time and less chance of retest.  The price of the kit is the same.

bulletIf you need 1 day or 3 day service, click here for more information.

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Acceptable methods of payment

bullet Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

bulletMoney order or Cashiers Check


Methods of Ordering – (help us keep our costs down by ordering online)

bullet Online – Preferred


bulletBy mail, fax, or email (click for form) – 2nd best option

bulletBy Phone (817) 283-6379  or toll free (888) 875-7574 


Shipping Information


bullet Extra shipping charges apply to some international orders, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Please « click here »


bulletShipping and handling is $15 for all domestic orders and most international orders.  We ship domestic orders by second day FedEx unless the shipping address is a P.O. Box.   Kits are shipped to a P.O. Box by priority mail with delivery conformation.  If you want one day delivery and/or Saturday delivery, please « click here« .   International orders are shipped by Global Priority which takes 3-7 days.

bulletThe kit comes with a prepaid overnight mailer for you to return your samples to the lab.  This mailer is not included with international orders.

bulletA DNA test kit can be mailed to different locations at an extra cost.  Click here for more information.

Important information about the home DNA test kit.

bullet The results of the home DNA test kit are not admissible in a court of law due to the absence of the chain of custody.  The chain of custody refers to the various chain of « hands » that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a neutral third party at a lab or hospital facility where all parties are photographed to verify their identity and specific handling instructions are met.

bulletStatistics show that a formal test is rarely required.  When the involved parties discover and accept the results, expensive follow-on court action for a paternity test is usually not required.  Contact your attorney for more information.

bulletD-FWmall.com also sells the « Easy Answers » home DNA test kit which provides the necessary paperwork to attempt to obtain a legal binding result using a home DNA test kit. For the « Easy Answers » home DNA test kit website.

bulletPlease read this Disclaimer



How to Order

  1. If you need any special handling of your order fill out this form before you order.
  2. Select the order button next to the product you wish to purchase (see products below).
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  5. Your kit will be mailed the same day of your order if ordered by 4:00 CST.

    If you do not have an email address, please sign up and use this free email service where you can obtain your messages by logging in through your web browser.  

    If your testing requirements include a study with 2 children, click here to view a more cost effective kit.

     will save you $25.00 off a paternity kit but the results will take longer.

Types of Tests


(Click for more information)

Special Shipping (Split KitOvernightOvernight Results)

Special samples (blood, gum, cigarette butts, etc.)

Type Samples Price Order
Paternity Case Mother, Child, Alleged Father $280.00

Motherless Paternity Child, Alleged Father Only $280.00

Add to Paternity Case Extra Child for Paternity $130.00

Add to Paternity Case Extra Father for Paternity $130.00

5 Day Paternity STAT Test Mother, Child, Alleged Father
(mother not required)

3 Day Paternity STAT Test Mother, Child, Alleged Father
(mother not required)

1 Day Paternity STAT Test Mother, Child, Alleged Father
(mother not required)

STAT Tests


We are pleased to offer this service providing you with the fastest response available!



If your results are not completed in the three or one day time period, the price of your test will be reduced  to $280 which is the cost of the standard paternity test.



The laboratory requires 1 complete business day for the one day stat and 3 for the three day stat.  Example for the 1 day stat:  If your samples are received at 12:00 noon on Tuesday your results will be completed by the close of business on Wednesday.



Type Samples Price Order
Maternity Study Without Father Mother, Child $280.00

Maternity Study With Father (preferred) Mother, Child, Father $280.00

Maternity Case Extra Child for Maternity $130.00

Sibling Study

(Click for more information)

Results typically take 7-10 business days.

The results of DNA home kits are not normally admissible in a court of law.

Type of Test Price Order
Full Sibling Study

Sibling Study with or without a sample from the common mother.$380.00

2 Siblings

 2 Siblings With Common Mother

Half Sibling Study


Sibling Study where the children have different mothers.  You will need to order an additional uncommon mother if both mothers are available.$380.00

2 Siblings

 2 Siblings With only 1 Mother tested

Additional  Sibling for full or half$200.00 Additional Sibling


Additional  Uncommon Mother$130.00  Additional Mother

Upgrade to formal Court Admissible Sibling Study$170.00


Collection Fees – Required for court admissible test. $25.00Per Participant



Twin Study

Results typically take 2-3 weeks for the twin studies.

Type Samples Price Order
Twin Study (Identical Vs Fraternal) Two people (twins) $280.00

Grandparent Study

Results typically take 7-10 business days.

The results of DNA home kits are not normally admissible in a court of law.

Type of Test Price Order
Grandparent Test without Mother $360.00

Grandparents, Child

Grandparent Test with Mother (preferred) $490.00

 Grandparents, Mother, Child

Additional  Child for Grandparent Test $130.00

  Additional Child

Upgrade to formal Court Admissible Grand Paternity $170.00


Collection Fees – Required for court admissible test.  $25.00



Money order or Cashiers Check

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Make payment to D-FWMall.com or DNA Testing Centre and mail to:
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