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bullet Shipping is $15 for domestic orders and is automatically included.  For international orders, Alaska, and Hawaii, please read below.
bullet All US orders are shipped by Second Day FedEx only. If you want one day service please see below.
bullet FedEx does not ship to PO Boxes.  USPS Priority Mail is used when shipping to a PO box. 


Overnight Service


To change your domestic (48 states) order to our fastest processing time including overnight delivery, select the order button below.  Your total shipping cost will be $20.00.  Do not select this option if we are shipping to a PO box.

Shipping Overnight $5.00

If you order on Friday and want overnight delivery, the cost for Saturday delivery by FedEx is an additional $10.  Use this button to pay for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery.

Shipping Overnight for Saturday Delivery $17.50

Express Lab Service


To have the laboratory mail your results by overnight add this button to your order.
This only speeds up the arrival of your report and not the actual test results.
You can have the synopsis of your results emailed at no additional charge.
This is not available on international orders.

Shipping Overnight Results $20.00

Alaska and Hawaii

The following button will add $10 for Alaska and Hawaii FedEx orders making the total shipping charge$25.00.
If you do not add this to your shopping cart, we will ship by priority mail at no additional cost.

Shipping Alaska and Hawaii $10.00

International Shipping

If you need help translating this information, please use this free translating service provided by Alta Vista.


All international kits are shipped by USPS « Global Priority Mail » unless other arrangements are made.

Customer agrees to pay any additional charges assessed by customs or by value added taxes.  We do not expect that this will happen, however, the customer is responsible for all expenses charged by your country. 

There is no additional charge for shipping by « Global Priority » to the following countries:

  1. Australia

  2. Canada

  3. Europe – Except Italy (see below)

  4. Hong Kong

  5. Japan

  6. Philippines



Shipping to other Italy.  The following order button will add $23 to the existing $15 normal shipping charge for Italy.  The USPS does not ship Global Priority mail to Italy.


Shipping Italy $23.00


Shipping to other countries.  The following order button will add $15 to the existing $15 normal shipping charge for all locations not covered above.  We will notify you within 24 hours if we cannot ship to your country or if the shipping expense exceeds this amount.

Shipping Other Countries $15.00

Mailing kits to multiple locations


Available for domestic orders only.  This option will allow a kit to be split between multiple locations.  


Each kit will include the all necessary components to obtain the DNA sample.


Each kit will include a prepaid overnight mailer to return the samples back to the lab (not included with international orders).


The lab will not begin the test until all samples have been received.


You may split the kit to as many locations as required.  Make sure you have one « Multiple Location » for each additional address. 


For shipping to multiple locations, please complete this form (click here) for each additional person that will be receiving a kit.  Complete this form only after you have received an order number.  

One is required for each additional shipping location.

Multiple Location Shipping $30.00