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Reasons For Delays    Status Request Form

Approximately 3.5% of the current tests are delayed for one of the reasons below.

Here is the normal timeline of events if you order the Paternity Home DNA Test Kit

The table below is for business days and does not include weekends or holidays.

We also have 1 and 3 day Stat tests for a substantial charge.
(1 day $1300.00, 3 day $650.00)

Paternity Test Typical Time Line



($25.00 more)

I Day     Day
Order/Ship 1   Order/Ship Overnight 1
In Transit 2   Receive/Return 2
Receive 3   Lab Receipt 3
Return 4   Lab Test 4
Lab Receipt 5   Lab Test 5
Lab Test 6   Lab Test 6
Lab Test 7   Lab Test 7
Lab Test 8   Lab Complete/Overnight 8
Lab Test 9   Customer Receipt 9
Lab Complete 10      
Email/Fax/Mail 11      
Mail Transit 12      
Mail Transit 13      
Mail Receive 14      

Reasons for delays

Sibling studies require hand calculations (3-4 weeks)
Twin Studies require hand calculations (2-3 weeks)
Incomplete authorization form sent in with samples (missing information)
Test results had single or double exclusion (must be at least 3 to be released) caused by mutated gene or close relationship between alleged fathers
Gel failure (must rerun test)
Unusual sample (hair, gum, etc.)
Unknown race which causes the results to be hand calculated
Related alleged fathers usually result in additional testing
There is always a risk, though slight, of a sample not containing enough DNA for the test. This is due to collection error or the clients’ mouth’s conditions (dry mouth, excessive tobacco usage, etc.).  We will send you another collection kit at no charge.