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The « Swift Response » home DNA test kit can be used for:
Paternity (fatherhood), Maternity (motherhood), Grandparent Studies,
Sibling Studies, or Twin Studies.

Order online 24/7 – It’s as easy as ABC!

We have sold over 22 thousand home DNA test kits!

See our Performance Guarantee!
There is no better guarantee in the industry 

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Our Guarantee

For only $280.00 you can have your paternity answers typically within 7 business days (from the time the laboratory receives your samples).  You will not find a faster  home DNA test kit for less money, anywhere.   See this status page for a timeline involving a typical test.

100% accurate! See our written performance guarantee.

We have sold more home DNA kits than any other company and were the first to offer a home DNA test on the internet.  We have never received a single complaint.

In the convenience of your own home you can collect a buccal swab sample from which DNA can be analyzed.  It’s as simple as swabbing the inside of your mouth with a Q’tip.

All of the testing is performed by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the standards set forth by the Parentage Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB inspects and accredits paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and agreed upon by the Parentage Committee.

Kit Features

  1. The kit includes all supplies for alleged father, child, and mother if available.
  2. Shipped same day by FedEx if ordered by 4:00 pm CST.
  3. Includes a prepaid overnight mailer to return your samples to the lab.

Our Policy

We will promptly complete and ship your order.  All customers will be handled with strict confidentiality.  No information will be provided to an uninvolved party without the written consent of the purchaser.  Packages will be discreetly marked and shipped by D-FWmall.com with no markings as to the contents of the package.

International Customers

If you need help translating this information, please use this free translating service provided by Alta Vista.
Normal shipping charges apply to the majority of our international friends.  Complete a normal order and you will be notified if additional charges are necessary.

Special Samples

The following is a partial list of special samples that can be used with the « Swift Response » home DNA test kit. Please see this link for additional information.   These types of samples can be analyzed at an additional cost.


Cigarette Butts
Chewed Gum
Bloodstained Clothing
Semen or Semen Stains
Used Condoms
Electric razor debris
Q-tips containing earwax
Plucked hair



We ship all domestic orders by 2nd day FedEx or Priority Mail if it is to a PO box.  Overnight shipping is only $5.00 more.  If you wish to have expedited shipping, please see this link for more information.   You can also have your results sent to you by overnight service for an additional charge.  International orders are sent by Priority Mail.


Why is this so inexpensive?


bullet We specialize in home DNA kits.



bullet VOLUME – We sell more home DNA tests than any other company



bullet Target marketing and low overhead results in lower costs.  You won’t find our name on an expensive billboard!

How do I Protect Myself Against Internet Fraud?

Use a credit card!  If you do not receive a product as it was advertised, it is simple to dispute the charges.  The customer is always right when it comes to a valid dispute.  You can shop here without worry.  We have never received a valid complaint or an invalid charge back against any customer’s charge card.

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DNA Testing Centre, Inc. has sold thousands of DNA test kits worldwide.
and we have never received a formal complaint from any of our customers

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